Photography class and one-on-one training

Do you use a digital SLR camera and...

Want to take better photos

Use your camera mostly in Automatic mode

Don't always know why your pictures didn't turn out the way you planned

Want to learn the fundamentals of photography and how cameras work

Don't understand all the menu options or settings

Thinking about adding another lens to use on your camera

Want to improve how your photos look after you take them

Choose from a group class or individual instruction.


Mike offers one-on-one instruction for personalized, focused training sessions. You can focus on a specific area-of-need or choose from some of the popular individual sessions below:


One-on-one Training For people brand new to photography or using a dslr camera, this one-on-one session helps the individual start from the very beginning. I help you set your camera up and get you off-and-running.

Choose between the one session or two (recommended).

One 2-hour session: $150

Two 2-hour sessions: $250

DSLR Boot Camp

This one-on-one training gives you a total of 8 hours of hands-on training with your own camera. So if you've had our camera awhile and want to improve the quality of your photos, this group of sessions is for you. It uses the same principles taught in the Photo 101 class personalized just for you.

Four 2-hour sessions: $500

Going Beyond The Basics

This training is for those photographers who feel that they have a good understanding of how their camera operates and feel confident in how-to-use it but want to take their photography to the next level. Maybe you are considering a new lens or need help editing your photos after you take them, these sessions would be for you. After an evaluation meeting with Mike about your needs, he will prepare a custom training session for you. One 2-hour session: $160 Two 2-hour sessions: $300 Not sure of what you need? Call or email Mike and he'll talk you about your needs and help develop training just for you. The base rate is $85 per hour or $160 for two hours. Photography 101 Class: Hands-on photography class for digital SLR camera users The small classroom setting is designed as a hands-on environment where students can experiment and learn with their own camera. Each student receives a custom notebook full of helpful information including diagrams, chart and illustrations and helpful information teaching you the basics of photography. Each week there is a short homework assignment so students are encouraged to put to use what they learn that week. The class is broken up in four sessions plus one field trip: 1: Fundamentals of photography and how cameras operate 2: How to control exposure on your camera without using Program mode 3: Lens optics, focusing, composition, depth-of-field; using flash 4: After you take the photo: how to improve your images, manage your files, etc. Next Photography 101 class Email Mike to find out when the next class stars. To register: Email or call Mike to check class space availability. Please include the model of camera. Contact: 980-254-3544, Can't make this class? The next class will be starting in January of 2014 or choose a one-on-one session. Gift certificates are available if you would like to give the class or individual instruction as a present. About the instructor: Mike Homan has been photographing since high school and studied photography and design in college and received a BFA from University of Georgia. He and his wife own and operate Homan Designs Photography where they focus on wedding, event, architecture, and nature photography (

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